Posted by: raoulfelder | September 4, 2007

If The Hsu Fits… Give it Back

            Don’t you think you would be pretty sore if somebody decided to take your money and make a charitable donation with it and not even ask your permission, nor even tell you to what charity the money was to go.  But that is exactly what Hillary Clinton and Eliot Spitzer did.           

            Norman Hsu was an on-the-lamb businessman who had been wanted by the State of California on grand larceny charges and just surrendered to authorities.  Simple enough story!  But wait, it gets more involved.  Hsu had given $62,000 to Governor Eliot Spitzer’s and $23,000 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  A fundraiser for Mrs. Clinton called him “a bit of a political junkie.”  The media revealed his criminal background, and both Hillary Clinton and Governor Spitzer then said that they would take the money given to them by Hsu and donate it to charity.  Now really!  Hsu never intended that money to be given to charity.  He intended to donate it to two political campaigns.  The proper thing to do would have been to return the money to its source, not volunteer to be charitable with Mr. Hsu’s money.  But then again, politicians are good at spending other people’s money.



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