Posted by: raoulfelder | September 7, 2007

Thoughts On E-mail

            People used to say, “Do right and fear no man; don’t right and fear no woman.”  And now e-mails have supplanted old fashioned snail mail, but yet, no such caution seems to be involved.  It seems that people feel that when they sit in front of their computer alone at night and type out all sorts of nonsense, somehow they are removed from responsibility for their missiles. 

            Currently, the Governor of New York appears, perhaps rightfully, perhaps wrongly, disinclined to release his e-mails that may be part of the scandal du jour, and, the Governor of New Jersey appears to be in trouble because of e-mails concerning his girlfriend, which he now, pursuant to a court order, has to turn over.  All of this is quite an apart and aside from the fact that any divorce lawyer will tell you about half of the people who come into their offices have a briefcase full of e-mails sent or received by a formerly believed-to-be-faithful spouse.  Various laws have been passed, such as one in New York, making it illegal to look at somebody else’s e-mail, but that doesn’t seem to deter jealous spouses.  They apparently operate under the proposition that if the computer is in their home, it is open season on whatever’s in it.

            Best advice:  don’t send e-mails of a personal nature unless you have no problem with your spouse – and eventually a judge – reading them.


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