Posted by: raoulfelder | October 4, 2007

100th Anniversary of the Plaza Hotel

            This week I attended the 100th anniversary of the Plaza Hotel.  About 1,000 people were packed into the area in front of the Hotel, by invitation, after having gone through a double security check.  There were many police facilities around the event, all paid for, undoubtedly, by the City.  Performing was an orchestra that looked like the New York City Pops, and behind that was a jumbo-thon television screen.  The orchestra seemed to be playing primarily Cole Porter songs.  Whoever made the choice of music was blithely oblivious to the fact that Cole Porter lived at the Waldorf Astoria and, in fact, his piano is still there.  It became apparent that most of the people were in real estate, congratulating each other for the reformation of the Plaza Hotel.  The unworthy thought that occurred to me was – congratulating each other for what?  There was no work of beauty to elevate or enoble a man’s sensibilities, there was no new invention, discovery, that will help people in terms of their health or welfare, no housing for people who don’t have homes – just a lot of people congratulating each other for building condominiums to sell to very rich people.  Is this really something that we need to celebrate?


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