Posted by: raoulfelder | September 7, 2010

The Empire State Building & Mother Teresa

The owners of the Empire State Building refuse to honor Mother Teresa, but saw no problem with honoring with lights on Bastille Day, Frank Sinatra, Fay Wray (she is the actress who was wrestling with a monkey on top of the Empire State Building), Queen Elizabeth, the Knicks, the Rangers, the Belmont Stakes, Rutgers’ womens’ basketball team, Microsoft Windows 95 and The Simpson’s Movie. But they have no time for Mother Teresa.

The Lord put 10 plagues on Eqypt. Number 8 was a plague of locusts.

Three weekends ago the press reported that there was an infestation of bedbugs in the Empire State Building that began in the mens’ locker room.

The 9th plague was darkness.

In the morning’s paper last weekend, there was a report that the city council approved the building of a 1250′ high skyscraper near the Empire State Building. It would throw its shadow over the Empire State Building.

The moral is: Don’t mess with Mother Teresa, she has another 8 plagues up her sleeve.

Address at a rally at the Empire State Building
August 26, 2010


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